SEC routinely performs geotechnical subsurface investigations and provides geotechnical engineering recommendations for site development projects ranging from small churches and office buildings to large retail and industrial developments and large utility projects.  

Our geotechnical engineering services include the following.

Subsurface Investigations to determine the engineering properties of the subsurface soils and bedrock and to evaluate subsurface issues during

Engineering recommendations for excavations, grading, foundations, retaining walls and pavement

Site inspections during construction for subgrade preparation and soil bearing capacity.
Geotechnical Clients
Arlington Bank
Grandview Heights, Ohio

City of Circleville
Multiple Sites in Circleville, Ohio

Cole + Russell Architects
Polaris Parkway, Columbus, Ohio

Community Housing Network
Columbus, Ohio

Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation
Multiple Sites in Ohio

Michael Clark and Associates
Multiple Sites in Central Ohio

Solid Rock Builders
Multiple Sites in Ohio

Sunrush Construction
Multiple Sites in Ohio