R. Curtis Spence, P.E. and Jeff Bood, P.G., have been providing comprehensive environmental services associated with underground storage tank (UST) systems in Ohio since the formation of the Ohio Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR) in the late 1980’s. Our reputation and experience in providing cost effective BUSTR corrective action services is second to none.

SEC has extensive experience in the performance of BUSTR Tier Evaluations and has been very successful in obtaining no further action (NFA) status on complicated sites through use of fate and transport modeling, model calibration and land use restrictions.  SEC staff has excellent working relationships with BUSTR regulators which translate to timely reviews and completed projects.

Our UST services include the following.
Underground Storage Tank (UST) Closure Assessments
UST System Upgrading and Regulatory Compliance Consulting
Site Checks and Tier I Evaluations (Site Assessments)
Tier 2 and 3 Evaluations (Risk Assessments)
Interim Response Actions including Soil Removal and
  Groundwater Remediation using Enhanced Fluid Extraction
Free Product Recovery
Soil and Groundwater Sampling
Soil Stockpile Sampling and Characterization for Landfill Approval
Slug Testing
Fate and Transport Modeling
Remedial Design and Pilot Scale Testing
Remedial Action Plan Preparation
Remedial Oversight and Construction Management
Reimbursement Management through the Ohio Petroleum
  Underground Storage Tank Release Compensation Board (PUSTRCB)
UST Clients
Buckeye Ford
London, Ohio

Carnes Sunoco
Southeast Ohio

Circleville Oil Company
Multiple Sites in Central Ohio

Dharni Properties, Inc.
Southeast Ohio

D.L. Miller and Sons Co.
Multiple Sites in Ohio

East Knox Local Schools
Howard, Ohio

Executive Jet Aviation
Port Columbus International Airport, Columbus, OH

Greater Dayton RTA
Multiple Sites in Dayton, Ohio

Mack Industries, Inc.
Valley City, Ohio

Motor Inn Auto Truck Stop
Mendon, Ohio

Ohio Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations
Review of Over 900 UST Closure Assessment Reports

Ohio Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations
Corrective Action at Orphan UST Sites via ARRA Grant, BUSTR Region 7

Petroleum Services Plus
Multiple Sites in Ohio

Sims Construction
Central Ohio

Swifty Oil Company
Multiple Sites in Ohio

Steve Miller Construction Company
Multiple Sites in Ohio

Tester Ford Lincoln Mercury
Norwalk, Ohio Site

Transportation Research Center
East Liberty, Ohio

Unocal Corporation
Columbus, Ohio

UST Environmental Contractor
Multiple Sites in Ohio

Westfall Schools
Williamsport, Ohio

Wheeler Clevenger Oil Co., Inc.
Southern Ohio